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Bonus Materials

As the book got close to going to press, we discovered that I'd been a bit too wordy (as usual), and had overshot the maximum length for a full-color book that was still vaguely affordable. After some debate over which project to cut, we decided not to cut any of the projects, and instead cut out the Glossary and both Appendixes—which is sort of ironic, considering that I still have mine.

Rather than let the material simply die out, it seemed obvious to put it online for your perusal. So here they are. They aren't as cool as a commentary track, perhaps, but hopefully you'll get some use out of them anyway.

In addition, we have an excerpt from one of the projects in the book!

Note that the styles used for the contents of this bonus material is a slightly modified variant on the stylesheet that's created in Project 13 of the book itself! Why a variant? I had to change a few selectors to harmonize well with the site's overall styles, and fiddle with a declaration or two, but that was about all. And if you're wondering about the difference between a selector and a declaration, then you'll want to visit the Glossary right away.