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The Projects

Eric Meyer on CSS is organized around its projects, each of which is intended to teach a different aspect (or group of aspects) of CSS to the reader through practical, working examples. To aid readers with their understanding of CSS and the book's projects, this area is dedicated to providing archives of the project files needed to finish each project, as well as any errata or additional information about each project. Use the links in the "Navigate" area to find out more about a particular project.

  1. Converting an Existing Page
  2. Styling a Press Release
  3. Styling an Events Calendar
  4. Bringing Hyperlinks to Life
  5. How to Skin a Menu
  6. Styling for Print
  7. Making an Input Form Look Good
  8. Creating an Online Greeting Card
  9. Multicolumn Layout
  10. Sneaking Out of the Box
  11. Positioning a Better Design
  12. Fixing Your Backgrounds
  13. Eric Meyer on CSS in CSS

Readers who wish to download an archive containing all of the project files for all 13 projects can do so on the Downloads page.

Every project archive comes with a "blank" project file that contains the starting point for the project. The reader can edit this file as they work through the project text, and preview their changes in a browser as they work. This lets the reader experiment with different approaches, as well as gain a feel for how changes affect the overall design. This "learn by doing" approach is intended to give readers the chance to learn CSS as an expert might use it, and to make associations and discoveries of their own.

In addition, a project archive will contain any graphics that were used in the project text, and may include Photoshop files for graphic-heavy projects. There is also a copy of the HTML documents that were used to generate the Figures in each project. These are labeled to parallel the Figure numbers; for example, ch0508.html corresponds to Figure 5.8 in the text.