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Links to CSS Tools

A collection of tools that both new and advanced CSS authors may find useful in looking up information or gathering information they need. These are distinct from "Resources," which are example or tutorial sites that help explain concepts.

W3C CSS validator
Always make sure your CSS is valid before you start tearing out your hair. (Make sure the same is true of your HTML, too.)
CSS2 Sidebar Tab (Gecko browsers)
Have a handy index to the CSS2 specification always available by installing a Sidebar Tab into Mozilla, Netscape 6+, or any other Gecko-based browser. (The referenced page contains a number of sidebar tabs you can install.)
CSS2 Hotpanel (Opera / Gecko browsers)
Don't let those Mozilla folks be the only ones on the block with the cool toys—add a CSS2 Quick Reference hotpanel to Opera 6+. (The referenced page contains a number of hotpanels you can install.)
A collection of handy "favelets" (a.k.a "bookmarklets") that all work in IE5/Mac, and many of which work in multiple browsers.
An automated tool that provides a highly structured English or Spanish translation of what a CSS selector actually means. You can get translations singly, or for a whole group of selectors.