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Links to CSS Resources

A collection of sites and pages that explain the ideas behind CSS, and demonstrate ways to use CSS in your work. These are distinct from "Tools," which are widgets that concentrate on helping you with specific concepts or reference pages that point you to other material.

An e-mail based discussion group focused on discussing real-world uses of CSS, and helping each other to understand both how CSS is supposed to work and how browsers interpret it. The list volume tends to average between 50-100 messages per day.
MaKo 4 CSS
A very nice collection of links and articles covering basic CSS topics, like dealing with NN4.x, as well as more advanced material on topics like positioning.
House of Style
A thorough compendium of information on CSS, including tutorials, practical advice, layout ideas, browser support information, and a whole lot more. Indispensible.
Style Sheets Reference Guide
The home of the CSS1 Support Chart, also known as the "mastergrid," and the CSS2 Selectors Support Chart. The charts are a bit out of date, but still fairly relevant.
CSS layout techniques (
One of the first teach-positioning-by-example sites on the Web, and still one of the best.
Layout reservoir (
Another good sites that shows positioning by example.
Little boxes (
A sizeable collection of basic layouts in a variety of configurations: two-column, three-column-plus-footer, three-column-touching, and much more.
CSS Pointers Group
A massive collection of CSS-related links, maintained by veterans of the CSS scene. Includes a lot of links to historical documents that aren't totally relevant to today's Web, but are still fascinating to read.