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Files for Download

Readers have two options: to download the files for each project as they work on them, or to download the entire set of 13 project files in a single archive. The archives are available in both ZIP and StuffIt formats. Visit the individual project pages for more information related to each project, such as new details regarding the techniques shown or any errata.

Note that the following archives contain for each project:

The exception is the "All projects" archive, which contains all such files for all 13 projects. You can choose to download this meta-archive if you want all the files right away, or download one project at a time, whichever you prefer.

In a few cases these archives will be relatively large; leave your mouse pointer over the icon for a moment and the file's size should appear in a "tooltip."

Project ZIP StuffIt

Complete project file archive

A complete archive of all the files needed for all of the projects in the book. Caution: these files are over 1.5MB in size.

All-project ZIP file All-project StuffIt file

Converting an Existing Design

A migration from HTML-only to HTML+CSS design.

Project 1 ZIP file Project 1 StuffIt file

Styling a Press Release

Working with simple text elements.

Project 2 ZIP file Project 2 StuffIt file

Styling an Events Calendar

Combining table markup and CSS.

Project 3 ZIP file Project 3 StuffIt file

Bringing Hyperlinks to Life

Teaching the old link some new tricks.

Project 4 ZIP file Project 4 StuffIt file

How to Skin a Menu

Styling and restyling a collection of links.

Project 5 ZIP file Project 5 StuffIt file

Styling for Print

Methods of writing CSS meant only for printouts.

Project 6 ZIP file Project 6 StuffIt file

Making an Input Form Look Good

Styles for input elements on-screen and in print.

Project 7 ZIP file Project 7 StuffIt file

Creating an Online Greeting Card

The basics of positioning and blending text with graphics.

Project 8 ZIP file Project 8 StuffIt file

Multicolumn Layout

Ways to make your page columnar without tables.

Project 9 ZIP file Project 9 StuffIt file

Sneaking Out of the Box

Web design doesn't have to be all rectangles.

Project 10 ZIP file Project 10 StuffIt file

Positioning a Better Design

An exploration of more complex positioning techniques.

Project 11 ZIP file Project 11 StuffIt file

Fixing Your Backgrounds

Simulating translucency and other nifty effects.

Project 12 ZIP file Project 12 StuffIt file

Eric Meyer on CSS in CSS

Recreating the book's layout in HTML and CSS.

Project 13 ZIP file Project 13 StuffIt file